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More dads are seeking child custody and winning

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child custody on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

The best interests of children must always be kept at the heart of parenting agreements. A child deserves to be raised in an environment that is conducive to his or her education, growth and betterment. Recent research shows that both parents play an important role in a child’s development, although in the past, courts and judges have tended to award mothers full custody more often. Many fathers in Florida and beyond are now asking for, and receiving, full child custody when it is a better situation for a child.

When the safety and well-being of the child is at stake, the old myths about how only a mother is capable of caring for young sons and daughters can be detrimental. A mother’s record, if any, of child abuse, criminal charges and instability must be weighed alongside the father’s qualifications and disqualifications to determine where the child should spend the majority of his or her time. If being with the father most of the time is better for the child, the custody agreement should reflect that.

An individual who is looking for a fair custody agreement should be prepared to demonstrate his or her ability to care for and support the child. The parent may also wish to keep a positive attitude and partner with his or her ex to create an agreement that is fair to both parents. In many cases, this will be a form of joint custody. In other cases, sole custody may be warranted.

Outdated beliefs should not form the grounds upon which child custody agreements are made. When facing a custody negotiation, an individual may need to assert his or her rights to maintain a relationship with the child. In Florida, a person need not face such a negotiation alone. Many choose to hire an experienced family law attorney for help with this issue.

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